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Possrino® Knitwear

Possrino Knitwear creates high quality garments and accessories from the wonderfully soft and durable blend of Opossum (possum) fur and the finest Merino wool.


Fluffy and lightweight

Fluffy and lightweight, the fur has a soft silky feel and has an almost nil prickle factor. Opossum fur garments are warmer, easier to dry and much lighter to wear.


Dark undertone

Our yarn has distinct and unique colour tones due to the merino and the 'core' thread taking on the introduced dye, while the opossum fur remains relatively unaffected.


Thermal properties

Possrino Knitwear has unique thermal properties. It is hydroscopic, meaning moisture draws into the centre of the shaft and provides the perfect insulation.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Welcome to Possrino® Knitwear

Possrino®Knitwear - possum and merino - is made to order, although we do supply a range of basic, classic styles. This range is all displayed within the website catalogue and online store, as well as details about how to order a Custom Creation in Possrino®.

Opossum fur, when examined, shows that each shaft has a series of large scales, which helps it to grip its neighbour scale. seen in cross section, the fibre has a hollow core. The only other creatures besides the opossum with a fur of similar characteristics are the Arctic polar bears and the wolverine.

Product Reviews

Hi Doreen, Just to say the beautiful poncho arrived today. it is lovely and I know I will be ordering from you again! Many thanks, Joan.

A brief email to let you know that the leaf green poncho safely arrived last Friday. I love the colour which will blend much better with my winter wardrobe than the burnt orange did. Thank you for knitting it so promptly for me. Jacqueline, Australia.